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Focus Groups

Staying on the cutting edge keeps you ahead of your opponent.

Our focus groups are comprised of cross-sections of panelists that best represent jurors in the jurisdiction where your case will be tried. We use focus groups to learn about many aspects of a case, ranging from whether exhibits are understandable to specific attitudes about witnesses, facts and even lawyers. Like our mock trials, focus groups are videotaped so attorneys and related staff can indirectly participate in proceedings via closed-circuit television. Like our mock trials, attitudes regarding specific questions are evaluated and posted hourly in order to track changes in juror attitudes and measure the impact of certain evidence. Focus groups highlight what evidence is important and what may be problematic or ineffectual. This immediate feedback helps your trial team resolve uncertain issues, develop more effective presentation strategies and test them on the spot. At the end of the day, you will have an effective plan for presenting your evidentiary proof.